Can you make us stronger?

Technology changes business - and so does powerful partnerships. We are always looking for partnerships that could make 1+1=3 or more. If you have something special, that you feel would bring extra value to our customers, let us know.

A selection of our valued partners.

Cloudeon is what Microsoft refers to as a CSP (Cloud Service Provider), and we have a very close partnership with Microsoft.

Omada Digital Services
ODS was one of Cloudeon's first partners and we have a strong and well-tested partnership which puts us in a position to offer market leading consulting around SAP and SAP in the cloud.

Cloudeon is certified Citrix Service Provider and in close cooperation with Citrix we help enterprises make most of their cloud-based Citrix solutions.

Deloitte Consulting
Deloitte Consulting specializes in organizational transformation and together we form a strong team that can give proper advice and support large corporations on their entire cloud journey



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Technology Changes Business

At Cloudeon we believe cloud computing is a fundamental requirement for delivering innovative digital services, and that cloud computing will eradicate what is known as "Enterprise IT" within the next 5 years.