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Staying safe in the cloud is challenging for many companies.
Let us empower you to easily overcome issues with financial control, compliance, and security.

Analysis and reporting on your
Cloud environment


With a few easy steps, take advantage of our one-time offer to make your Cloud deliver to its fullest potential!
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  • Initial foundational analysis of your financial control, compliance, and security in the Cloud. 
  • 4 monthly free reports are yours without obligation.
  • Offboarding meeting to revise your state of cloud, and where improvements can be made next. 
  • Quick and easy one-time setup to get your custom reports. We only have reporting access to your current estate, plus you lend us a demo environment next to it where we show you what the cloud looks like when done the Devoteam M Cloud way. 


As a recognized Azure expert Managed Service Partner, we have extensive experience and expertise with both management and technical reporting of Cloud setups. We offer you a unique chance to partner with an industry expert to review your Cloud environment.





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Rewatch the webinar 


Watch the webinar with Devoteam Digital Champion, and Microsoft Azure MVP, Magnus Mårtensson dissects three common cloud challenges and how this offering helps solve them.

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