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Gain access to a wealth of tips and tricks, trend articles, and expert testimonies on the popular topic of Hybrid Cloud. You will learn the basics of Hybrid Cloud and be able to answer questions like:


  • What are the pros and cons of a Hybrid Cloud or Multicloud solutions?
  • What should stay on-premise and which applications would benefit from a move to the Cloud?
  • What are the economic pros and cons of Hybrid Cloud?
  • How do we best manage our Hybrid Cloud solutions and make them work seamlessly with our existing ones?


As a recognized Azure expert Managed Service Partner, we at CLOUDEON bring our experience with both the project management and technical challenges of a Hybrid setup to the table and offer you the chance to learn from our mistakes and get the best start to your Cloud projects.


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Receive an article each week for the next seven weeks about trends, expert interviews and perspectives on how Hybrid Cloud has helped industry leaders globally.



  • Trend articles - understand the competition
  • Expert articles with recommendations - get a headstart in the digital landscape 
  • Cases - understand how others succeeded 
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Live expert webinar 


Tune in to our live webinar on Cloud security with Ole Kjeldsen, Technology and Security Director at Microsoft Denmark and learn about: 



  • Hybrid Cloud security - is it safe?
  • Increasing Azure datacentres - your company's lifeline?
  • How do I leverage the best security standards from my on-premise and Cloud environments?
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Receive an invitation to join our Hybrid Cloud Workshop on 28th March. The workshop will be hosted by our Azure MVP, Magnus Mårtensson.



  • Receive hands-on-experience by a best-in-class instructor
  • See first hand what benefits Hybrid Cloud can bring your company
  • Get to ask questions to an Azure elite expert.