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Do you want to learn how to optimize server capacity and costs from an Azure MVP? Avoid the most common mistakes in the transition to Cloud? Align your business strategy with your technical plans? Drive innovation with technical excellence? 

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Why attend the workshop?


The CAF Discover Workshop allows attendees to learn from the very best: CLOUDEON’s Azure MVP Magnus Mårtensson who also holds the title of Microsoft Regional Director. Magnus leads the first three hours of introduction to CAF and conversation about governance and migration in the Cloud Adoption process. Magnus will also be there for the final three hours to guide attendees through the custom-made environment where you will be able to try building in the Cloud 



What is CAF?


The Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework [CAF] for Azure is a comprehensive source of guidance and information on how to PLAN, ADOPT, BUILD, and INNOVATE in the Cloud. The framework covers the Cloud Journey from both technical, financial, HR, and innovation perspectives. Because CAF addresses general concerns, tips, and processes, it is just as relevant to use as a guideline for experienced Cloud users as for novices who are just starting out.




Magnus Mårtensson


Microsoft Regional Director,

11 x Microsoft Azure MVP

Chief Product Officer
CLOUDEON - part of Devoteam


Take aways from the workshop:


  • Overview of the Cloud Adoption Framework and how it helps you strategize, plan and be ready to adopt cloud technologies.
  • What are Azure landing zones and the different implementation options to choose from?
  • How to Govern and Manage methodologies of the Cloud Adoption Framework and run a cloud portfolio with proper guardrails.
  • Get hands-on experience in a virtual lab for creating your landing zones in Azure and building your first governance minimal viable product [MVP].




The workshop is divided into two parts equal in time scope and will be held on 14th October, 2021. 
The morning program is thematically divided into an overview including some of the core concepts of the CAF
The afternoon program is dedicated to hands-on-exercises.


Morning : Overview/Ready/Govern/Manage – 3hrs






Cloud Adoption Framework Overview

Provide an overview of the Cloud Adoption Framework and help customers think about their cloud strategy and create an actionable cloud adoption plan.  


60 min

Unlock cloud adoption using Azure landing zones  

Provide an overview of the Azure landing zones, why are they important and what are the different landing zones implementation options. Customers will also go through an operating model exercise to decide what option would best suit their needs. 


45 min

Establish cloud governance using the Cloud Adoption Framework

Leverage the agile, iterative methodology to enable governance maturity without impeding migration or innovation.


45 min. 

Manage your cloud operations to achieve business value

Learn the best practices to support ongoing cloud operations to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Afternoon : Hands-On Exercises – 3hrs.


15 Min.

Introducing Hands-on-lab (HOL) process & goals for the afternoon

30 min 

HOL 1:  Start small and expand landing zone implementation option 

45 min 

HOL 2: Governance 

Create a governance MVP by setting up management groups, resource groups, cost management and  RBAC

60 min

HOL 3: Enterprise scale landing zones lab

30 Min.

Next steps & how to get started

The chart above shows you the agenda for the workshop divided into Microsoft competency level, duration, and content.




To facilitate the best learning environment, the event will have a limited amount of seats available. 




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