How to get started?

Our OpsAI platform is designed to help create the overview you need to get started. OpsAI scans your current IT system, understands the structure, maps all applications and their interdependencies. 


With this knowledge, you can go to the enablement phase where the specifications are clarified, and we can create an optimal Cloud-based development of your current IT system. 

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Pay for what you use

On-premise systems are limited by physical equipment, hardware maintenance and data space. This means you could be paying for more than you need. In the long term you can outgrow your on-premise system, thus spending more for upgrades. 


A Cloud solution is 100% scalable. It can be upgraded or downgraded at any time - depending on the actual use in your company. 

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Gain control and the highest level of security

The security of your on-premise system depends on the resources you dedicate to it. Up to 30% of all on-premise systems are not adequately updated and this can have serious security implications. 


The Cloud provider has a dedicated team of security experts who work exclusively to secure the service. They use advanced procedures that adhere to all international safety standards. 

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Future-proof solution - agile and scalable

In an on-premise system, integration of new features can be a long and technical process which can vary from difficult to impossible. 


In a Cloud solution, you get easy and direct access to new technologies and services like IoT and Machine Learning. 

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Would a Cloud solution be the right thing for your business? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe it only makes sense to move parts of your IT infrastructure into the Cloud... 


For most companies, there are many benefits connected with moving to the Cloud, as Cloud can do everything you can do now, just faster, cheaper, more secure and in a future-proof way. 


If you not certain about the benefits of the Cloud and the difference between on-premise vs. Cloud, please take out 3 minutes out to watch the movie here in full length. 


Our experts will help you clarify your questions -book a meeting, - no strings attached - and get clear on exactly how your unique IT setup would benefit from moving to the Cloud. Just fill out the form below. 

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